How to Transform Your Workplace

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A healthy organization is based on shared responsibility and values, where managers become mentors who create leaders and a caring community where social interest in one another and clients is central.

“The measure of intelligence is the ability to change.”

Albert Einstein

“Just as a snake sheds its skin, we must shed our past over and over again.”

Gautama Buddha

Each leader needs to grasp the knowledge and commitments required and how to execute fully when they do. Tactically, this includes:

CEO Must Know and Commit to:

1. Oversight. As CEO, the health of your organization’s culture depends on your oversight. You are captain and your boat sails or sinks depending on your informed guidance. Additionally…

CEO and Leadership Team Members Must Know and Commit to:

1. What is our transformation exactly? (e.g. What are we transforming from, into? What organization-wide changes reflect new objectives? Are we informing, inspiring and enrolling staff?)

2. Why are we transforming our workplace culture? (e.g. What are our current challenges, roadblocks, losses, and why have we decided this is the path for doing something about them?)

3. When are we beginning and ending the process? (e.g. What is our ROI? What are our defined outcomes? What and when are we distributing information to our direct reports?)

4. Who is needed, in what roles on the bus? (e.g. What are our goals and roles? Those of our direct reports and what do are we giving and receiving from them?)

5. How are we demonstrating proficiency? (e.g. Are we modeling, mentoring, and leading others to use new tools and processes? Are we developing subject matter experts in key skills?)

6. How are we fully immersed in the model? (e.g. Are we transforming managers to mentors? Are we attending, participating in and facilitating meetings and post-training sessions? Are we building trusting community? Are we aligned in purpose, values and visions?)

7. What do we benchmark and why? (e.g. What are we measuring to assess challenges, make course corrections, and track improvements? When, how and who reports to staff on results and next steps? What surveys and questionnaires are we using? How are we sharing this information?)

8. How often are we reporting and meeting with direct reports? (e.g. Are we helping them change behavior? What topics, milestones and objectives are we communicating? How are we giving encouragement and showing recognition?)

9. How are we demonstrating full understanding of the cultural transformation? (e.g. Are we communicating our roadmap and upcoming changes? Are we scheduling required time, attention, energy, money and resources? Are we providing consistent, inspiring, informative communications?)

10. How are we demonstrating full commitment to the cultural transformation (e.g. Are we “walking the talk” with purpose and values first in addition to job skills? Are we changing our hiring and firing practices? Our orientation processes? Are we providing and encouraging leadership opportunities and shared power to all in meetings and projects?)

You’ve heard it said, “Feed a man a fish, feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, feed him for a lifetime.” The same is true for developing leaders within your organization and building a healthy community. The skills taught and new behaviors shared serve your staff and clients far beyond a simple financial ROI. They provide GNH – Gross National Happiness, which enhances every person’s personal and professional success!

As published in the column The Extraordinary Workplace, St. Louis Small Business Monthly, May 2014

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