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In this playful business spotlight with The Dave Glover Show, Dave Glover and his team focus on the topic of redirecting negative behavior, despite multi-generational conflicts and disconnects. They discuss the importance of the culture model in determining the differences between healthy and unhealthy workplaces. Judy shares the conditions and conversations needed to foster happy, caring people. The interview ends on the importance of redirecting people rather than throwing them away.

Interview Transcript

we’re doing an a local business focus as we do about once a month and Judy ride is here hello how are you hi fuchsia yes is it I’m on fire today I’m just on fire um so you’re with life works systems you’re the owner yes so what is it that you that you guys do well we go in and we help people to create environments where everybody can get along and they can get good results together productive oh yeah she’d never she never get out of this building much less this room you can carry this in what sort of a circumstance well a lot of times we work with companies that are doing mergers and acquisitions and they’re in a lot of turmoil because people get stressed out then they’re not at their best yeah and then we also work with people that just really value workplace culture and they want it to be the best it can be and we talk a lot here which I’m sure you an expert on at this point like integrating mark 62 and then we have Taliban who’s 25 yield millennial those are two completely different animals and it’s one thing on a silly radio show but if you’re actually producing something and they have to work together they have two completely different ways of approaching a problem now you have gridlock well I’m really glad that you talked about Millennials because I think that the reason that people are so hyper critical of Millennials at times but the reason that they do the job hopping and some of the things they do is because they’re very sensitive to whether an environment is set up to control people or whether it’s set up to be collaborative and to invite their their contributions and when you have a really healthy workplace culture all the different age groups get along well is obviously the answer is yes that you customized to each workplace but how similar our workplaces what sort of solutions that you have tend to work for most people well I think one of the things that is important is that people understand what is a poor workplace and what is a healthy workplace so a lot of times people are not really clear about that and what that usually looks like is are you using methods and approaches that help people to be fully engaged and to really feel like they’re empowered in the environment that they’re actually lovable I know that’s not very popular wording corporate America sometimes but it should be because we actually say we can’t be so personal at work because we don’t have the system setup in which to be personal at work I mean I think you guys are a good example of where you can be personal and the same goes in families and in schools we say well we can’t be a good friend and be a good authority figure well you can if you set up a certain kind of culture so I don’t know if that answers your question it does and that seems like wow what a trick that is because we live in this zero tolerance world and you can’t have any of that when you have zero tolerance you have to have room to move you have to have sort of squishy walls well and actually they’re quite firm walls but the walls that we recommend that people do is that they hold a high expectation for people to take responsibility for a lot more than they’re doing but not using control methods methods to get them there so if you try to coerce people or you try to create fear in them they’re not going to pick up that responsibility effectively shut up okay doesn’t work it’s really interesting because our most popular program is called redirecting negative behavior and everybody brings us in for that a lot of times because there’s all this negative behavior showing up but if you created the right environment in a workplace ninety percent of your misbehavior Goes Down and you have less need to even learn the skills to redirect so employees who right now people are thinking of oh yeah that’s Larry who they think of as completely negative cannot only stop the negative it can be a very useful productive employee right exactly don’t throw them away don’t fire him yeah there’s a lot of people that are thrown away uninvolved ated and I find that the happiest thing I can hear is I did not think we could turn that situation around and so a lot of times misbehaviors happening and we don’t even recognize it because it’s not always conflict it could be that person that’s super high skills but they’re pompous and they’re not a team player and everybody kind of inside wants to take them down a pack remember don’t throw us away we’re not disposable you know so we really hit some things head-on like one of the big things we hit head-on is even things like gossip yeah understanding why people gossip what to do instead cuz that’s a very virulent toxic thing in workplaces Tony’s gay so if we do a live on the air every day so you go into tiny shops and big giant companies and that’s a great question we actually do both our smallest client is seven employees but we have a client that has 1,500 employees so the way that we’re able to manage that is we use a combination of online training and live training so that we can be very distributive anywhere in the country that’s really cool so life works systems com and then get my culture book that comes you have a book also yeah I have a book I’m a columnist also in two magazines but the book right now we’re running a promotion on it so we’re giving it away especially the business owners and leaders that want to understand all the basic questions about workplace culture how do I even know if I need to change my workplace what would I change it into you know is there a process for changing it cuz it’s kind of like a big old puzzle and somebody might say well is it leadership development yes is a team building yes is it good communications yes it’s all of those things and like with everything you don’t know what you don’t know until you think you know everything you don’t everything right so the book is kind of simple and in that it answers so spake basic questions and then we also give away some elearning and some assessments and things so that they get a smorgasbord of what they could receive so get my culture book calm or life work systems com can people find you on facebook or twitter we’ve got life work systems on Facebook LinkedIn Twitter Google+ where it we’re all over the place awesome nice to meet you thanks thank you

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