Agile Culture

Without an Agile Culture, You CAN’T Achieve All The Benefits of Agile

You can make all the investments in the world – in technology, process, approach and systems, but if you don’t address the HUMAN component, your results are always going to be disappointing and will fail.

A Supportive Culture

One of the pillars of agile technology is building a supportive culture where individuals and groups are confident, emotionally and socially intelligent, and don’t hold back because of title or tenure. They create solutions on the fly and jump in without hesitation to lead or follow as needs dictate.

The problem is most organizations don’t know how to create a supportive culture.

Transitioning successfully requires an experienced partner to provide the right system, guidance and support, working with your senior leaders to drive necessary change. Check out this short video.

Get All Benefits Possible

You have invested in the promised advantages of agile technology. Unless you have specifically addressed a supportive culture, you are sitting on a ticking bomb that will ultimately sabotage much of what you seek to accomplish.

Choose LifeWork Systems

We have a proven track record in supporting agile initiatives. Our digital platform and system ensure you can not only scale, but sustain agile culture evolvement. Find out if your organization needs to become agile-supportive.

System + Plan That Makes
Success Inevitable . . .

Task Ownership

Create self-governance in all, from CEO to janitor, so your leaders can focus on growth.


Develop agile human behaviors to sustain your relevant, competitive edge.


Guide your people to both lead and follow confidently so collaboration skyrockets.

“The #1 Competitive Advantage for the ‘Organization of Tomorrow’ is investing in a human system that creates a NEW KIND OF TEAM in which people are motivated from within“.

Judy Ryan, CEO, Lifework Systems

“I submit that too often there is a lack of commitment to, practice of, and execution of professional common behaviors – an absence of highly communicated standardized organizational expectations – without which there are no supports upon which the Agile bar can be confidently raised. I would highly recommend the LifeWork Systems model to both small and large organizations. I believe it would build a solid platform base enabling many organizations to truly benefit from the Agile principles and coaching in ways that we only infrequently experience today.”

Jim Rosa, Enterprise Agile Consultant, Icon Agility

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