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“Our greatest human adventure is the evolution of consciousness. We are in this life to enlarge the soul, liberate the spirit, and light up the brain.”

Tom Robbins, American Novelist


“Far from feeling dwarfed by the vast reaches and energy of the cosmos, what we really learn is that we are the most remarkable and complicated product of cosmic evolution, and our potential is unlimited.”

Sandra Faber, American astrophysicist

If we do not evolve, we perish. We must adapt and live into the consciousness needed to meet today and tomorrow’s complexity and unique challenges. What is evolution for us? Evolution is realizing our potential is unlimited, while at the same time being willing to enlarge our soul, and liberate our spirit while summoning the courage to light up our brains with new ideas.  


Enlarging Our Soul

This may sound a bit esoteric for a leader to consider and yet it is absolutely necessary to evolve people to meet life and work objectives. How is this easily understood? On a psychological level, we have an unconscious that runs outdated programs below our awareness, that we installed in early childhood, as WE interpreted how to survive. The unconscious supports the status quo because we decided when itty-bitty that keeps us alive. We also have a self-conscious, an identity we constructed, such as our gender, race, age, name, traditions, intelligence, personalities, bodies and more. Both of these are not the soul.


Imagine you are a vast computer and the unconscious and self-conscious served you well as components in a first-generation computer. Remember Macintosh 512K in the 70s? Now imagine the soul is like a vast set of advanced programmers with all knowledge, support, hardware and software you would ever need – all inside of you. This is our soul; our Superconscious, a vast often unexplored, unlimited place of incredible possibilities and intelligence well beyond our limited awareness. Our soul is to our brain and being what a genius is to a newborn. As people expand their soul, they reach out to their Superconscious and ask to be re-coded; to have what is outdated replaced, and to receive installation of a new operating system, and higher-level functionality! We just need to call on it.


Liberate Our Spirit

As we recognize we are so much more than we think we are, and we come into reverence of this, and we know we need not earn anything amazing, we are moved to be bigger and better than we dreamed possible. We claim ourselves as the magicians we are, which allows us to move in the direction of least resistance and create only what we love to create and are called to create. Our natural desire to feel empowered, lovable, connected and contributing is served by our sensitivity, purpose, naturalness and the confidence of a clear pathway to personal and collective fulfillment.


Light Up Our Brain

When we open to all that is known in quantum physics and more, we realize that much of what we have believed has been accepted without scrutiny. We often set aside our critical thinking and stop tapping into our true mental capacity. Then our Superconscious which provides everything we need is blocked from accessing our wisdom, intuition, human design, or initiate our quantum-leaping, change agent selves to create amazing advances, and bring forth all needed innovations. In our work in guided culture transformation, LifeWork Systems enters client sites holding belief in the extraordinary potential and miraculous greatness within every person. We then provide them with new concepts, terms, tools and processes to leverage this to unleash more than thought possible. This is, “Welcome to your evolution!” If you want to get in on this, let us know. We are happy to support YOUR evolution too!

Why People Hire LifeWork Systems

Business owners and executives, community leaders, parents, educators and individuals hire LifeWork Systems because they know that effective conditions and conversations make all the difference in building trusting relationships, achieving dreams, and creating solutions and innovations for our evolving world. When people are happy and responsible, emotionally and socially intelligent, confident, and appropriately seen, heard, and supported, they always exceed expectations. We help instill into every person common concepts, terms, tools, and processes that result in healthy, happy, caring and contributing individuals, teams and organizations. Our mission is to create a world in which all people love their lives!

We appreciate you being here on our website and encourage you to reach out to us directly at or  314.239.4727. May something we offered in this article and website help you love YOUR life ~ because YOU matter!

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